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Angry Birds

Posted: December 13, 2010 in Android Games
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I just recently started play Angry Birds by Rovio Mobile and I have to say I am official addicted!!!!! This isn’t the first night I have been up the whole time thank’s to those flying birds and green pigs!!!! Angry Birds is a game where you use different types of birds to get those pesky green pigs that stole the eggs. Throughout out the game you acquire different types of birds that have different abilities. So far I have acquired the use of six different types of birds with six different abilities. These abilities included head-butts, super speed, multiplying, egg bombs, exploding, boomerang, and extra strength. The goal is to kill the pigs in their forts while at the same time trying to achieve three stars on each level. Also in certain levels you have the opportunity to acquire golden eggs. I have to say that this is on my top ten list of favorite Android games. It is highly addictive and hours of fun!!!